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Caring for the people of Lincolnshire

Due to COVID-19 we will not be taking any referrals or adding any clients to the waiting list during the COVID-19 lockdown. This decision has been taken to keep people as safe as possible and to stay within the UK government guidelines. We will put a notice on the website once we are back in operation

When the lockdown is lifted and it is safe to work face to face we will be offering brief focus FREE sessions specifically to help people work through the issues that have arisen during this extremely difficult period. We will give priority to NHS and other front line workers who have done an amazing job for this country.

Linzi Ross - Counselling Service Manager

We offer our clients a safe place to explore and share their problems and issues in complete confidence, We will help you to...

  • Express your emotions
  • Accept what can't be changed by learning new coping skills

    We will empower you to work through your problems and realise your true potential and support you on this journey, with empathy and honesty - we will never judge you
    We don't restrict session numbers
    The service is FREE
    We appreciate any donations

    Our counsellors are all qualified up to a minimum Advanced Certificate level and have undergone a significant amount of training.
    To achieve the level 4 and 5 advanced diplomas 100 voluntary client hours are required, they do not receive any payments

    Our counsellors are all members of a recognised membership body and abide by their code of ethics.

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